LuxRiot Digital Video Recorder

LuxRiot Digital Video Recorder 2.2

It is a program that allows you to make video and audio recordings
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Luxriot Digital Video Record is powerful remote surveillance software. The application offers a wide variety of options for configuring webcam perspectives and remote capture. Moreover, it is designed to support hardware from all the major camera manufacturers, which ensures its wide usability.

The interface contains three fields. Each one allows you to manage the console root, the surveillance camera views, and the command events, respectively. The program can handle an unlimited amount of cameras at once (only restriction is the
performance of the computer it is installed on), and a noticeable advantage is that it allows you independent, complex control of each camera’s movement. Digital pan-tilt zoom is a feature that allows you to position the camera screens to your convenience, anywhere you may want within the interface. It also allows you to zoom in and out of each camera view, as well as change capture mode settings.

Furthermore, you can set the program to automatically record the captured film onto a selected destination on your computer. Moreover, you can even choose to lock the application with an encrypted password. Considering that the software is designed for surveillance, and hence, its content is very likely quite sensitive, this feature proves to be very convenient.

Overall, Luxriot Digital Video Record fulfills its remote surveillance function effectively, due to its complex functionality, and the adaptability of the user-friendly interface.

Paul Cooper
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